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Ver Isca

Ver Isca is a village in the Ori galaxy. When SG-1 attempted to destroy the Ori beachhead in the Milky Way Galaxy, Vala was drawn with the matter stream of the transportation rings through the black hole and into the Ori galaxy. She awoke in Ver Isca, where she was taken in by a man named Tomin whom she eventually married. Like Ver Ager, Ver Isca is a medieval village under the control of the Ori. At its center is the ceremonial altar, or Ara, where the unholy are punished. The administrator of Ver Isca was Seevis, who also served as the local barkeeper and who ruled the village with an iron hand. Seevis was also secretly the leader of the anti-Ori underground, and he and Denya recruited Vala into their movement in an attempt to sabotage the newly constructed Ori starcraft. Their plan failed, however, and Seevis and Denya were killed when they cooperated with Vala in an attempt to contact Earth using an Ancient communication terminal. From Ver Isca and other villages like it, the Ori ships were launched for the Milky Way Galaxy to begin their holy crusade.

Cross Reference: Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Ori Underground, Ara, Denya, Vala Mal Doran, Ori, Prior, Seevis, Tomin, Ver Ager

Episode Reference: Crusade