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Bill Lee

Dr. Bill Lee is a research scientist based at the SGC, and he has participated in several off-world missions. He was a member of the team of scientists establishing a research station on M4C-862. The capture of one of the indigenous energy beings might have led to their subsequent attack in a swarm, in which Dr. Lee was injured in the hand and Dr. Thompson was killed, before the base was evacuated. Dr. Lee also headed the team of scientists sent to P5X-777 to analyze the alien technology and determine the fate of O'Neill and Maybourne when they disappeared through the doorway to Paradise. When SG-1 hoped that the means to defeat the Kull Warriors could be found in the Ancient reanimation device believed to have been buried by the Goa'uld Telchak in Honduras, Dr. Lee accompanied Daniel on the expedition to Central America to retrieve the device. Daniel and Dr. Lee succeeded in finding the device, but were kidnapped and tortured by Rafael and his band of revolutionaries before being rescued by O'Neill and Burke. Dr. Lee was also called to Los Angeles as a consultant to disarm the naquadah bomb that had been activated in an ancient ark by the Goa'uld personality of Sekhmet. Although Dr. Lee's attempts to reprogram the control crystal caused the timing device to accelerate, he and Teal'c were able to deactivate the bomb with the help of a coded message in one of Anna's drawings. On the world of the Sodan, Dr. Lee was part of the team working to determine how the Ancient transporter device worked. He had received a few nasty volts while trying to implement an override code, but the feeling was expected to return to his legs in a few days.

Dr. Lee has also studied a number of alien technologies at the SGC. He headed the team of scientists working to adapt the virtual reality chair from P7J-989 as a viable training tool for SGC personnel, and he oversaw the testing of the device during which Teal'c became trapped in a virtual scenario. He studied the Ancient communication terminal that was brought back from Glastonbury, and he supervised the testing of the device on Daniel and Vala. Following the tests, he also tried to determine, without success, why the Kor Mak bracelets continued to affect Daniel and Vala after they had been removed.

Dr. Lee's research at the SGC has led to a number of discoveries and new technologies as well, including the development of a new ceramic polymer that can be fitted into an SG vest as protection from a staff weapon blast. The new vest saved O'Neill's life during the battle on P3X-666. He cooperated with Carter to develop a means of neutralizing the higher brain functions of the Priors, and their work led to the development of the anti-prior device. His work with Carter also produced the X-699 plasma cannon and the Chimera holographic projection system, both of which he and Carter presented at the Applied Technologies conference, although they had needed to deliberately add certain flaws to their demonstrations in order to preserve the illusion that their work, based on alien technology, was still in the process of development.

Dr. Lee has also been called on to study a number of plant and animal samples. His analysis of the sample of kassa from the Lucian Alliance determined that its highly addictive psycho-stimulant property was engineered. From the SGC, he tried to find a solution for the invasion of the Gamma Site by the carnivorous insects known as R75, despite the fact that bugs creep him out. He was especially enthusiastic about the potential of a particularly prolific plant from P6J-908 as a means of solving world hunger. However, when the plant overran the facility, Dr. Lee determined that it could be eradicated with gamma radiation, a solution which also revealed the deliberate sabotage of a ZPM recovered from Camulus before it could be used to destroy Earth.

Dr. Lee frequently provides scientific solutions to SG missions. He cooperated with many Carters from multiple alternate universes to find a solution for the ripple effect that had brought them into our reality, and to find a way to return them home. He assisted in the search for Ba'al's clones by locking on to their locator beacons, and he coordinated the dissemination of the symbiote poison that was used to eliminate the clones that had taken over the base. He developed a computer virus to sabotage Nerus's devices that would disable Ba'al's mothership, and he cooperated with Carter and Jacek to modify orbital scans to detect tagged naquadah in Arkad's cloaked cargo ship on Earth.

When Merlin's phase-shift device caused Carter and Mitchell to disappear, Dr. Lee concluded that they had disappeared without leaving the room, and he proceeded on the theory of miniaturization until traces of lepton radiation suggested that they had entered another phase. His attempt to reverse the algorithm on the device instead made Daniel disappear, and his second attempt drained the power so significantly that Daniel had to use the keys on the device itself to return them to the proper phase before the device reached critical failure. In an alternate reality, Dr. Lee's work with the phase-shift device was far more effective as he coordinated with Carter to save Earth from destruction by the Ori by taking the entire planet out of phase.

Portrayed by: Bill Dow

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Ripple Effect, Alternate Reality - Universal Bridge, Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Prior Device, Applied Technologies, Burke, Chalo, Chimera, Rogelio Duran, Energy Beings, Jennifer Hailey, Dr. Hamilton, M4C-862, Merlin's Phase-Shift Device, P5X-777, Paradise, Plant of P6J-908, Rafael, Reanimation Device, Sekhmet's Ark, SG Vest, Bill Thompson, Virtual Reality Chair, X-699

Episode Reference: Prodigy, Paradise Lost, Evolution, Heroes, Resurrection, Zero Hour, Avatar, Avalon, Origin, The Ties That Bind, The Fourth Horseman, Ripple Effect, The Scourge, Arthur's Mantle, Insiders, The Road Not Taken, Bounty, Family Ties