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Rogelio Duran

Rogelio Duran, a Honduran guide with a day job waiting tables at the Cantina LaLupita, a small café 20 miles outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, agreed to take Daniel and Dr. Lee south into the jungle in search of Telchak's temple, despite his insistence that all temples in the area were located to the north. After finding the temple and the reanimation device, he was kidnapped with Daniel and Dr. Lee by Rafael and his band of anti-government guerillas. He was shot trying to escape, and left for dead. However, he had only been wounded, and when he was discovered later by O'Neill and Burke, an air rescue team was sent to retrieve him as O'Neill and Burke went on to rescue Daniel and Dr. Lee.

Portrayed by: Zak Santiago

Cross Reference: Burke, Chalo, Bill Lee, Pedro, Rafael, Reanimation Device

Episode Reference: Evolution