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The Chimera Optics Projection System is a holographic system based on Asgard technology. When Alec Colson had presented an Asgard clone in an attempt to prove to the world that the US military was covering up the existence of alien life on Earth, Carter appeared on live television and used Asgard technology to create a holographic image of an Asgard in order to discredit Colson's assertion by giving the impression that his proof had also been merely a hologram.

Afterward, Carter and Dr. Lee had used the Asgard technology to create the Chimera Optics Projection System, a portable device capable of creating entirely realistic three dimensional holographic projections of people or things in real time. Three years after the Alec Colson incident, Carter and Dr. Lee attended the Applied Technologies conference where they presented the Chimera system and the X-699 plasma cannon, both based on alien technology but with deliberate flaws added in order to disguise their alien origins and maintain the illusion that they were prototypes still under development.

At the conference, Carter used the Chimera technology to create a holographic projection of herself as a presenter on stage, unaware that a bounty hunter hired by Netan of the Lucian Alliance had targeted her from the balcony. The assassin's weapon fired harmlessly through her projected image, giving her time to use the plasma cannon to eliminate the assassin. Another assassin, Odai Ventrell, had targeted Mitchell at his high school reunion, and Carter used the Chimera device once again to create the illusion that she, Daniel, and Teal'c had beamed into the gymnasium as hostages when in fact they were waiting aboard Ventrell's cargo ship to capture him when he ringed aboard.

Cross Reference: Applied Technologies, Holographic Projection, Bill Lee, Odai Ventrell, X-699

Episode Reference: Covenant, Bounty