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10.15 Episode 209
Airdate: May 11, 2007

A cargo transport carrying kassa for the Lucian Alliance is destroyed by SG-1, the third such case of sabotage, and with each incident Netan's position within the Lucian Alliance grows weaker. In retaliation, Netan places a bounty on the heads of SG-1, and an assortment of bounty hunters heads for Earth to claim the prize. Meanwhile, SG-1 enjoys some down time as Carter and Dr. Lee present hologram technology and plasma weaponry at a scientific conference, Daniel conducts research at a museum, Teal'c travels offworld with the Jaffa, and Vala pleads with a reluctant Mitchell to take her as his date to his upcoming high school reunion in Kansas.

Offworld, Teal'c is ambushed by staff weapon fire, but his assassin is captured when he is lured at night to finish the job. On Earth, Daniel's research is interrupted by a beautiful woman who suddenly draws an alien hand weapon and pursues him onto the street where she is hit by an oncoming bus. As Carter steps on stage to present the Chimera holographic system, she appears as a hologram, and an assassin's shot passes right through her, but she uses the plasma weapon to dispatch her assailant in the balcony. Meanwhile, at his high school reunion, Mitchell's attempt to rekindle his relationship with Amy Vandenberg is interrupted by bounty hunter Odai Ventrell.

Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel are already on their way to Kansas, and Ventrell confesses that Mitchell is only the bait for the true prize, all of SG-1. Ventrell has sealed the high school building, holding all the alumni hostage, when suddenly Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel appear to beam into the gym. Ventrell activates a set of rings, but aboard his cargo ship, Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel are already waiting. Chimera had provided a holographic diversion in the gym, allowing the team to capture Ventrell in his own ship. But Ventrell may still be of use. Aboard Netan's ship, a would-be assassin approaches, but he is killed by Ventrell, who then turns his weapon toward Netan.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Anne Marie DeLuise as Amy Vandenberg, David Lovgren as Darrell, Mike Dopud as Odai Ventrell, Eric Steinberg as Netan, Bill Dow as Dr. Lee, Gary Jones as Sergeant Harriman, Timothy Paul Perez as Vashin, Maureen Thomas as Wendy Mitchell, Ian Robison as Frank Mitchell, Noah Danby as Cha'ra, Ryan Elm as Gary Walesco, Jody Thompson as Female Assassin, Mark Brandon as Presenter, Jeny Cassady as Alien Bounty Hunter, Brad Proctor as Alien Bounty Hunter, Rob Hayter as Phil, Jackie Blackmore as Female Grad, Ed Anders as Former Football Player, Rob Boyce as Assassin Sniper, Tiffani Timms as Blonde Girl

Reference: Applied Technologies, Assassin, Auburn Kansas, Cha'ra, Chimera, Darrell, Deejay, George Washington High School, Hand Weapon, Holographic Projection, Jackie, Kassa, Bill Lee, Lucian Alliance, Cameron Mitchell, Frank Mitchell, Wendy Mitchell, Netan, Oranians, Phil, Ring Transporter, Serrakin, Teltac, Amy Vandenberg, Vashin, Odai Ventrell, Gary Walesco, X-699


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Jaffa World

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Research Library

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Applied Technologies

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Auburn, Kansas


  • Carter is introduced at the Applied Technologies conference as a nine-year veteran of the Air Force's Deep Space Telemetry Program, senior consultant for Applied Technologies, and a two-time winner of the prestigious Binder Prize for Advancements in Theoretical Physics.
  • Chimera Optics Projection System is the name given to the Asgard hologram system first introduced as a prototype three years ago. The X-699 is the name of the plasma cannon presented at the conference.
  • Mitchell graduated in the class of 1987 from George Washington High School in Auburn, Shawnee County, Kansas (current population 21,211). His parents are Frank and Wendy Mitchell, who still live on a farm in Auburn.
  • Amy Vandenberg is Mitchell's high school crush and the one that got away. She ended up marrying some corporate dude named Ted and moving to Texas before getting a divorce about a year and a half ago and moving back to Topeka last year.
  • Vala explains that she didn't attend school, but was sold as a domestic servant to a weapons smuggler named Fierenze. After she killed him and won her freedom, she considered her education more or less complete. She also admits to several marriages, although it is hard to keep track of the legal marriages. The first was from a band of traveling entertainers.
  • SG-1 encourages Ventrell to take advantage of the unrest in the Lucian Alliance and to seek his reward for capturing Netan instead.


  • Intel looks good. We got ourselves a space train full of evil Orville Redenbacher. [Mitchell]


  • Cameos:
    • Carl Binder reference: Binder Prize for Advancements in Theoretical Physics
    • Peter DeLuise reference: High school posters - "Peter DeLuise for Class Secretary"
    • Damian Kindler reference: High school posters - "Damian Kindler for Class Treasurer"
  • Injuries:
    • Teal'c: staff weapon wound to abdomen
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Orville Redenbacher popcorn
      • We got ourselves a space train full of evil Orville Redenbacher.