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George Washington High School

Mitchell had graduated with the class of 1987 from George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas. He had played varsity football there under the team's mascot, a bumblebee. Mitchell's graduating class included his good friend Darrell, with whom he had pulled a prank by disassembling and reassembling Mr. Armstrong's car in his classroom, and Amy Vandenberg, his high school crush. Other members of Mitchell's graduating class of about 80 included Phil, Jackie, and Gary Walesco.

Mitchell returned to George Washington for his 20th high school reunion, reluctantly bringing Vala as his date. However, the reunion became the scene of a hostage situation when Odai Ventrell, a bounty hunter in the employ of Netan of the Lucian Alliance, captured Mitchell as bait for the rest of SG-1. Using holographic technology, SG-1 captured Ventrell instead, in front of the stunned witnesses who were later required by the Air Force to sign nondisclosure agreements.

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Darrell, Deejay, Jackie, Cameron Mitchell, Phil, Amy Vandenberg, Odai Ventrell, Gary Walesco

Episode Reference: Bounty