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Amy Vandenberg

Amy Vandenberg had been Mitchell's high school crush, the one that got away. They had attended George Washington High School together in Auburn, Kansas, and they had graduated in 1987, but although Mitchell fondly wondered if perhaps he might have made it to second base with Amy in an alternate universe, in this reality he had always been too flustered around her and had never had the courage to ask her out. Unknown to Mitchell, Amy had had a crush on him as well and had hoped that he would ask her to the senior prom, but he never did. Amy ended up marrying a corporate businessman named Ted and moving to Texas, but they were divorced and Amy moved back to Topeka about a year before their 20th high school reunion.

Mitchell and Amy attended their 20th reunion, and both were flustered at seeing each other again, but as they talked they were finally able to get up the courage to admit their true feelings. However, the reunion was interrupted by Odai Ventrell, a bounty hunter in the employ of Netan of the Lucian Alliance, who captured Mitchell and used him as bait for the rest of SG-1, holding the terrified attendees hostage in the sealed gym. Amy was among the witnesses when SG-1 used holographic technology to capture Ventrell instead, and all the guests at the reunion were required by the Air Force to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Afterward, as Mitchell and Amy said their goodbyes, Amy wasn't sure what to make of the classified nature of Mitchell's job and the dangers he faced, but their mutual interest had been rekindled, and as they shared a passionate kiss, Mitchell invited Amy to visit Colorado Springs.

Portrayed by: Anne Marie DeLuise*
*Wife of Peter DeLuise: Director, Writer, Producer

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Darrell, George Washington High School, Jackie, Cameron Mitchell, Phil, Gary Walesco

Episode Reference: Bounty