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Gary Walesco

Gary Walesco had graduated from George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas with Cameron Mitchell in 1987, and he was among the members of the graduating class who returned to the school for their 20th high school reunion. Gary had found a career selling insurance, and as he described his policies to Vala at the reunion, she was fascinated by the concept of life insurance. Gary had been a friend of Phil during their high school days, and he greeted Phil warmly when he arrived. However, Phil had been knocked out by an alien bounty hunter who had taken on his physical appearance. To stop Gary's enthusiastic welcome, the alien placed his hand on Gary's shoulder, causing bizarre convulsions of the head and neck, and left him seated at a table, unconscious and unresponsive for the rest of the evening. It is unlikely that Gary witnessed the hostage crisis as Odai Ventrell, another bounty hunter, attempted to capture Mitchell and SG-1, and it is uncertain whether Gary eventually recovered from the incident.

Portrayed by: Ryan Elm

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Darrell, George Washington High School, Jackie, Phil, Amy Vandenberg

Episode Reference: Bounty