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Kassa, a grain similar to corn, is grown on several planets under the control of the Lucian Alliance. Because the grain contains a powerful psycho-stimulant, it is highly addictive, even from the first taste. When Colonel Reynolds and SG-3 first encountered the kassa, Lieutenant Mooney tasted it and instantly became so addicted that he had to be restrained so that he could be returned to Earth. A sample was brought back to the SGC in a biohazard containment unit and analyzed by Dr. Lee, who determined that the addictive properties were not naturally occurring but were synthetically engineered by the Lucian Alliance. SG-1 visited P6G-452, where two-thirds of the Lucian kassa crop is grown, and posed as buyers to investigate who was behind the kassa production. However, SG-1 was captured by Worrel of the Lucian Alliance when they were unexpectedly trapped on the planet after Ba'al stole the planet's stargate. The Lucian Alliance continued trafficking in the addictive grain, and when SG-1 sabotaged three of the Lucian kassa cargo transports, Netan, the head of the Lucian Alliance, placed a bounty on their heads.

Cross Reference: Lucian Alliance, Netan, P6G-452, Worrel

Episode Reference: Off the Grid, Bounty