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Worrel, a member of the Lucian Alliance, owned and managed the kassa production on P6G-452. When SG-1 visited the planet to investigate the Alliance's link to the highly addictive grain, they posed as buyers in order to set up a meeting. Mitchell posed as "Shaft," a buyer representing a coalition of seven planets with a population of 30 million, who was seeking a supplier to meet his needs. Impatient and suspicious, Worrel threatened Mitchell and chased the team to the stargate, just as Ba'al stole the planet's stargate by beaming it away. With no escape, SG-1 was captured by Worrel and his men, and for almost two days they were beaten and questioned by Worrel, who believed they were responsible for the gate's disappearance. Netan, the head of the Lucian Alliance, ordered that SG-1 be killed as a warning never to meddle in the affairs of the Lucian Alliance, but the team was beamed away by Odyssey just as Worrel prepared to carry out the order, and Worrel was recalled by Netan, who had little patience with his failure to kill the team or recover the gate.

Portrayed by: Vince Corazza

Cross Reference: Kassa, Lucian Alliance, Netan, P6G-452

Episode Reference: Off the Grid