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Vashin is a member of the Lucian Alliance who had remained loyal to Netan and served under him aboard his mothership. When Mitchell arrived aboard Netan's ship, using the Reol chemical to disguise himself as Netan's friend Kefflin, Vashin was suspicious and insisted on a thorough search but was punched in the nose by Mitchell for his trouble. He was also ordered to torture Teal'c for information, and when the beatings were unsuccessful, he prepared to use the Goa'uld torture device, until Mitchell, still posing as Kefflin, stopped him and used the torture device on Vashin instead. Later, when Vashin was ordered to dispose of Teal'c, he was beaten to unconsciousness by Teal'c, who had grown weary of the torture.

Portrayed by: Timothy Paul Perez

Cross Reference: Lucian Alliance, Netan

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves, Bounty