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The Oranians are a humanoid race from Oran with reptilian-like skin and eyes. Among the Oranians encountered by SG-1 are Tenat and Jup, two unscrupulous traders and smugglers working in conjunction with the Lucian Alliance. Before becoming a member of the SGC, Vala had arranged a trade with Tenat and Jup, but they lost their merchandise in the botched deal, and they attempted to capture Vala in order to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Alliance. Once again they were outwitted, however, and Tenat and Jup lost their cargo ship to SG-1.

Tenat later commanded a crew of other Oranians aboard a Lucian Alliance mothership, but he was deceived by Mitchell into firing upon Netan's mothership, and he and his crew were killed when his ship was destroyed. Oranians were also among the bounty hunters who sought the reward offered by Netan for capturing SG-1, but the bounty hunter who took on the identity of Phil at Mitchell's high school reunion was later eliminated by Odai Ventrell.

Cross Reference: Jup, Lucian Alliance, Tenat

Episode Reference: Prometheus Unbound, The Ties That Bind, Company of Thieves, Bounty