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Tenat of Oran and his partner Jup, also an Oranian, were notoriously unscrupulous traders and smugglers. Crafty, devious, and untrustworthy, although not especially clever, they operated in conjunction with the Lucian Alliance. Tenat and Jup had made an arrangement with Vala to trade refined weapons grade naquadah in exchange for her ship. However, Vala had lost her ship in a battle, and she hijacked the Prometheus, insisting that she was attempting to rescue refugees from her homeworld, but diverting course to rendezvous with Tenat and trade the Prometheus instead. Daniel regained control of the ship and made contact with Tenat on a desert world, refusing to trade, and escaping in the Prometheus under fire from the Goa'uld.

Tenat and Jup had lost both the ship and the naquadah in the botched trade, a failure that did not sit well with the Lucian Alliance, and a price was put on Vala's head, dead or alive. Tenat and Jup were ordered by Vosh to bring back Vala, and they proposed to trade naquadah for her capture. Meanwhile, SG-1 needed to acquire Tenat's cargo ship, and Mitchell and Teal'c posed as bounty hunters offering to trade Vala and Daniel for the naquadah. Instead, SG-1 captured the cargo ship, leaving Tenat and Jup behind and empty-handed again.

Despite his failures, Tenat managed to gain command of a Lucian Alliance mothership, and when Anateo captured the Odyssey, it was Tenat who brought word to Netan of the ship's location. Mitchell was also aboard Netan's ship, using the Reol chemical to disguise himself as one of Netan's lieutenants, but Tenat recognized him as "Cam Mitchell, bounty hunter." Assuming that Mitchell was scamming Netan, Tenat agreed not to betray Mitchell's identity in exchange for a percentage of the profit. As the two motherships of Tenat and Netan approached the Odyssey, Mitchell used the Reol chemical on Tenat in order to appear to him as Netan, and he ordered Tenat to fire on Netan's mothership, promising a reward for the destruction of the mutinous lieutenants. Tenat followed the order he believed came from his commanding officer, and opened fire on Netan's ship. Netan returned fire, and Tenat was killed as his mothership was destroyed.

Portrayed by: Morris Chapdelaine

Cross Reference: Jup, Lucian Alliance, Vala Mal Doran, Netan, Oranians, Vosh

Episode Reference: Prometheus Unbound, The Ties That Bind, Company of Thieves