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A teltac is a cargo ship, sometimes referred to as a scout ship, often used by the Goa'uld, the Jaffa, and the Tok'ra. Capable of traveling in hyperspace, most are equipped with cloaking technology, transport rings, and descent pods. Teltacs are maneuverable because of their size, however they are not armed with weapons since they are used primarily as transport vessels. SG-1 first encountered the teltac on PJ6-877 when Aris Boch used a cloaked cargo ship which could be voice-activated with the command, "Barokna."

SG-1 has frequently used cargo ships in joint missions with the Tok'ra, including the rescue mission to Netu, the mission to rescue O'Neill and Teal'c during the failed test flight of the X-301, and the missions to the Tobin System and the Hassara System. Following the mission to the Hassara System, SG-1 salvaged the teltac which had crashed on Revanna during the battle for the planet and used it during the missions to prevent the collision of an asteroid with Earth and to rescue Heimdall from the Adara System.

SG-1 has since had access to teltac vessels for missions that required hyperspace travel, including the missions to destroy Anubis's Ancient weapon, to rendezvous with Anubis's abandoned mothership, and to capture a Kull Warrior and infiltrate Anubis's base on Tartarus.

SG-1 acquired a teltac from Ronan of Chulak to be used for the mission to search for the Lost City at Praclarush Taonas and at Antarctica, and O'Neill used the knowledge of the Ancients to significantly modify the hyperdrive engines to fly faster and farther than any other Goa'uld vessel. The same ship was used to reach Hala in ten days, however the journey burned out the modified hyperdrive engines, the ship was torn apart by the gravitational field of a black hole, and the highly advanced piece of technology was lost.

A cargo ship belonging to Caius had been stolen by Vala and traded to the Lucian Alliance, and SG-1 had to recover the specially customized ship to be returned to Caius in exchange for assistance in deactivating the Kor Mak bracelets. Vala also piloted a Jaffa cargo ship into position to prevent the formation of the first Ori supergate. A cloaked cargo ship was used by bounty hunter Odai Ventrell on Earth, and one of the cloaked cargo ships loaded with naquadah was also hidden on Earth as part of Arkad's planned attack on the planet. Cloaked ships are not entirely undetectable. They do give off anomalous energy readings which can be traced within certain limits, however they cannot be detected by an orbital scan. Although Earth does not maintain a fleet of cargo ships of its own, the SGC does have access to teltacs through their allies, and SG-1 was able to use a decoy cargo ship as part of a scam to find and recover Arkad's cloaked ship.

Bra'tac and Jacob Carter have frequently piloted the cargo ship, and Teal'c and Vala are capable of flying a teltac with great proficiency. Even O'Neill has briefly piloted the vessel on occasion.

Cross Reference: Alkesh, Aris Boch, Crystals, Death Glider, Force Field, Goa'uld Language, Ha'tak, Hyperspace

First Introduced: Deadman Switch

Significant Episode Reference: Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Tangent, The Serpent's Venom, Last Stand, Fail Safe, Revelations, Redemption, Descent, Evolution, Lost City, New Order, The Ties That Bind, Beachhead, Bounty, Family Ties