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Death Glider

The Goa'uld death glider is a two-seater attack vessel which usually launches from a larger mothership and is highly maneuverable. Death gliders are used in aerial assaults of a planet's surface as well as against other spacecraft. The wings collapse and fold within the bay of a pyramid ha'tak ship, which can carry dozens of the smaller craft, and the glider bays have force fields that allow the gliders to enter and exit without having to depressurize the hangar. Death gliders are not capable of entering hyperspace because they are too small to carry the Goa'uld version of the hyperspace window generator. The primary weapons system is the wing cannon, a larger version of the staff weapon. SG-1 had acquired two death gliders after the destruction of Apophis's motherships in Earth orbit, which were delivered to Area 51 for study and later incorporated into the development of the X-301. Two more death gliders were acquired from Anubis's mothership after it had crashed into the Pacific. Although not intended as part of its design, the death glider has been successfully flown under water. Both Teal'c and O'Neill have piloted death gliders.

Cross Reference: Alkesh, Endeavor, Ha'tak, Teltac, Wing Cannon, X-301

First Introduced: Singularity

Significant Episode Reference: The Serpent's Lair, Tangent, Descent, Lost City