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Aris Boch

Aris Boch is one of the galaxy's greatest bounty hunters. Although human in appearance, his race has green blood, and is unaffected by a shot from a zat'nik'tel. When the Goa'uld invaded his home planet, they discovered that Boch's race physically rejects the Goa'uld symbiote and cannot be used as hosts. As a result, the Goa'uld killed most of the population, leaving the youngest as slaves and addicting them to roshna, a blue liquid substance which keeps them subservient, and without which they will die. Boch claimed that his wife was killed, that his son is a slave in Sokar's naquadah mines, and that he works as a bounty hunter for Sokar, trading in order to earn freedom for himself and his son. In fact he has no wife or son, and trades for the roshna he needs to live. On PJ6-877, Boch captured SG-1 while searching for Korra, a Tok'ra operative whom he claimed was the Goa'uld Kel'tar, wanted for plotting against Sokar. After a change of heart, however, he granted both Korra and SG-1 their freedom.

Portrayed by: Sam J. Jones

Cross Reference: Korra, Mikta, PJ6-877, Roshna, Sokar, Teltac

Episode Reference: Deadman Switch