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Sokar was a Goa'uld of ancient times. In the Book of the Dead, he was the most feared deity in ancient Egypt. He was the original god of death, similar to Satan, and once ruled all of Earth. His lands around Memphis were covered by darkness and inhabited by serpents, and his portion of Tuat, the Other World, was filled with lakes of fire where the wicked were thrown as punishment after torture and mutilation. He transformed Netu, the moon orbiting his homeworld of Delmak, to match this description of hell, and made it his prison.

Sokar may have once inhabited an Unas body, but eventually he took a human host, and as a System Lord, he was represented by a pentagram. He was once ruler of the System Lords but was defeated centuries ago by an alliance of Goa'uld including Apophis and Ra. He was banished by Cronus, but continued to have influence, using Unas to demand tribute and gather human hosts, and bounty hunters such as Aris Boch to capture enemies. As he regained his power base, he continued to battle against the System Lords, including Apophis and Heru'ur.

Sokar captured Apophis and imprisoned him on Netu, repeatedly torturing him and reviving him from death. When Apophis escaped to Earth, Sokar threatened Earth's destruction by aiming a particle beam accelerator through the wormhole until Apophis was returned. He imprisoned Jacob/Selmak on Netu, necessitating a rescue mission by SG-1 which also resulted in their capture. He had rebuilt his army into one of the largest among the Goa'uld, and planned a massive attack against six key System Lords, which could have made him the dominant power in the galaxy. However, he was killed when SG-1 escaped from his prison moon and destroyed both Netu and his mothership in orbit above it. His forces were absorbed by Apophis.

Portrayed by: David Palffy

Cross Reference: Apophis, Blood of Sokar, Aris Boch, Bynarr, Canon, Jacob Carter, Cronus, Delmak, Goa'uld, Harakash, Jolinar, Kintac, Korra, Martouf, Na'onak, Netu, PB5-926, Particle Beam Accelerator, System Lords, Unas

Episode Reference: Serpent's Song, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know