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The Canon was the leading voice of an early Christian village discovered on a forested world under the control of Sokar, the Goa'uld who had taken on the role of Satan. The inhabitants observe a culture derived from pre-Chaucer Middle English, and were probably brought from Medieval Europe through the Antarctic gate. An Unas in the service of Sokar regularly visited the village as a demon, demanding human sacrifices to be used as host bodies. As the spiritual leader of the population, the Canon chose the villagers to be sacrificed as souls possessed by evil. He maintained his control through the authority of an ancient ring which had the power to summon lightning and which had been handed down by generations of village canons, and he forbade the villagers to look upon the stargate, known as the Circle of Darkness. He demanded that the Mark of the Devil and the Water Test for witchcraft be performed on Teal'c, and he considered both Teal'c's apparent death by drowning and his apparent resurrection through the restorative powers of his symbiote, as evidence of his guilt. When the demon Unas was killed by SG-1, its symbiote entered the Canon, who was then killed by O'Neill. SG-1 has confiscated the Canon's ring, and the villagers have promised to bury their stargate.

Portrayed by: Alan C. Peterson

Cross Reference: Mary, Simon, Sokar, Unas

Episode Reference: Demons

Point of Origin for the Canon's Planet: 15

Point of Origin for the Canon's Planet