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Unas is a species native to P3X-888, where both primordial Goa'uld and aboriginal Unas evolved. Those who were first taken as Goa'uld hosts learned to use the stargate and left the planet. The others took refuge in the caves as protection against blending, and primitive Unas can still be found inhabiting the planet.

The Unas are humanoid, but reptilian in appearance, and they have green blood and four fingers or claws on each hand. Typically aboriginal Unas will wear heavy necklaces of bone to prevent penetration at the neck by Goa'uld symbiotes. They are incredibly strong and very territorial, and when provoked they can be extremely dangerous. Because they were the original hosts of the Goa'uld, they have come to be known as "The First Ones," and they have become almost mythical. Many Unas still act as hosts and have great regenerative powers, using long periods of sleep to survive.

SG-1 first encountered an Unas host in the labyrinth beneath the surface of Cimmeria where it had lived for thousands of years. Another encounter occurred on a planet where an Unas visited a village as a demon, claiming human sacrifices to be used as hosts for Sokar. On P3X-888, SG-1 encountered the aboriginal Unas for the first time when Daniel was captured by Chaka as part of a rite of passage. Daniel has since studied their rudimentary culture and language, and he sought to help Chaka when he was kidnapped to a planet where Unas have served as slaves since the Beast Wars. Chaka led an uprising that eventually freed the Unas slaves and established a fragile peace, and when SG-1 encountered uprisings among the indigenous Unas of P3X-403, Daniel sent for Chaka to once again broker a truce. The native Unas, under their leader, Iron Shirt, had rebelled when the SGC had attempted to establish a naquadah mining operation on their sacred ground, but together Daniel and Chaka negotiated a deal for mining rights to the planet.

Portrayed by: Vincent Hammond, Dion Johnstone, Patrick Currie, Alex Zahara, Richard Morwich, Wycliff Hartwig, Trevor Jones, Sean Tyson
Voice of Unas: James Earl Jones, Christopher Judge

Cross Reference: Burrock, Canon, Chaka, Colonel Edwards, Goa'uld, Iron Shirt, P3X-403, P3X-888, Shy One, Sokar, Unas Language

Episode Reference: Thor's Hammer, Demons, The First Ones, Beast of Burden, Enemy Mine