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Chaka, one of the aboriginal Unas of P3X-888, captured Daniel as part of a rite of passage, but through rudimentary communication, the two developed a mutual respect. He defended Daniel against the rest of his clan, becoming the new alpha male and allowing Daniel to go free.

Daniel continued to monitor the planet, and when Burrock kidnapped Chaka for breeding Unas slaves on his homeworld, SG-1 followed and freed him. Instead of returning home, Chaka insisted on remaining and fighting to free other Unas slaves, and he led an uprising that could have led to the return of the planet's Beast Wars. Instead, however, he brokered a truce which over time established a fragile but successful peace between the humans of the planet and the Unas who were formerly their slaves.

Chaka was still living on the planet when Daniel sought his help to negotiate a peace with the native Unas of P3X-403 who had revolted when the SGC attempted to establish a naquadah mining operation on their sacred land. Daniel and Chaka traveled to the planet and together they succeeded in negotiating a deal with Iron Shirt and the Unas of P3X-403 for mining rights on the planet.

Portrayed by: Dion Johnstone, Patrick Currie

Cross Reference: Burrock, Colonel Edwards, Iron Shirt, P3X-403, P3X-888, Shy One, Unas, Unas Language

Episode Reference: The First Ones, Beast of Burden, Enemy Mine