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Burrock was a breeder and dealer of Unas as slave labor. Generations ago on his home planet, the Unas served the Goa'uld and enslaved the human population through terror and oppression. When the Goa'uld left, the humans learned to use weapons and led an uprising against their oppressors. The Beast Wars lasted many years, and in the end, the slaves became the masters and the masters became the slaves. The coordinates for P3X-888, the Unas homeworld, were highly valued and passed down through the lineage of certain families since the Beast Wars. Burrock obtained the coordinates, and visited the planet, capturing Unas to improve the breeding of his own stock. Among those captured was Chaka, whom Burrock refused to release to SG-1. Instead, he captured O'Neill and Daniel, using torture and demanding to know other destinations of the stargate. SG-1 escaped and freed the imprisoned Unas, thus leading to another uprising, and to Burrock's death at the hands of Chaka.

Portrayed by: Larry Drake

Location of Burrock's Homeworld: Bordertown, Maple Ridge

Cross Reference: Chaka, P3X-888, Shy One, Unas

Episode Reference: Beast of Burden