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Unas Language

The language of the Unas of P3X-888 uses a very simple structure and words that can have various meanings depending on the context in which they are used. Because the Unas and the Goa'uld evolved on the same world, they share a common origin in their languages as well. For example, the Goa'uld word "kek" (kill, dead) evolved from the Unas word "keka." To the Goa'uld, the word "onak" means "god", whereas the same word means "oppressor" or "enemy" to the Unas. Often simple words are combined to express new concepts. For example, "nok" means "now," and "ka nok," or "not now," takes on the meaning of "later." Similarly, "no na" means "home," whereas "ka no na," or "not home," refers to foreign territory. Although no written examples of the Unas language have yet been found, the species does use simple figures and cave drawings for communication. Daniel has studied the culture and catalogued the language of the Unas of P3X-888.

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Episode Reference: The First Ones, Beast of Burden, Enemy Mine