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Iron Shirt

The alpha male of the indigenous Unas of P3X-403 uses the name "Kor Asek," which translates from the Unas as "Iron Shirt." When an SGC mining operation desecrated the sacred burial grounds of the Unas ancestors, Iron Shirt led the resistance against the invaders. Daniel enlisted the help of Chaka to negotiate a truce, and although Iron Shirt was hesitant to trust the outsiders, he accepted the opportunity to honor the dead by helping to defeat the Goa'uld who had killed his ancestors. The Unas agreed to work the mine themselves, and to turn over the naquadah to the SGC.

Portrayed by: Alex Zahara

Cross Reference: Chaka, Colonel Edwards, P3X-403, Lieutenant Ritter, Unas, Unas Language

Episode Reference: Enemy Mine