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Lieutenant Ritter

Lieutenant Ritter served under Colonel Edwards of SG-11 as a member of the naquadah mining operation on P3X-403. While recording elevations and mapping the surrounding area, he was captured by the native Unas in retaliation for violating their sacred grounds, and he was brutally killed and staked out as a ritualistic warning to others. His death sparked a violent confrontation between the Unas and the SGC, but Daniel's efforts to negotiate with Iron Shirt, the Unas leader, eventually led to an agreement for mining rights on the planet.

Portrayed by: Kirk Caouette*
*Cameo - Character named for Kate Ritter: & Stargate SG-1 Ultimate Visual Guide

Cross Reference: Colonel Edwards, Iron Shirt, Major Lorne, Lieutenant Menard, P3X-403, Penhall, SG Teams, Lieutenant Woeste

Episode Reference: Enemy Mine