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Martouf, a member of the Tok'ra, was a close ally and friend to Earth. Lantash was the symbiote within the host body of Martouf, and Martouf/Lantash had been the mate of Jolinar for more than 100 years. SG-1 first encountered Martouf at the Tok'ra base on P34-353J, and Martouf developed a fondness for Carter as a former host of Jolinar.

Martouf worked closely with the SGC as a liaison to the Tok'ra, and he joined SG-1 on the mission to Netu to rescue Jacob/Selmak from Sokar and Apophis. He was involved in the negotiations for an Earth-Tok'ra alliance, however he had unknowingly been taken as a zatarc and programmed to assassinate the US President during the ceremony. The assassination was prevented, and Martouf was shot multiple times, including two shots from a zat gun. His body was kept in stasis for months, trying to find a way to repair the damage, but the symbiote, Lantash, was too weak to heal him. Martouf died, but his memories lived on in Lantash, and Lantash remained in stasis until he found a host by entering the injured body of Lieutenant Elliot.

Five years after Martouf's death, SG-1 was briefly reunited with an alternate version of Martouf when a rupture in the space-time continuum caused a ripple effect that drew multiple SG teams from different parallel universes through the stargate into our reality. One alternate version of SG-1 included Mitchell, Daniel, Janet Fraiser, and Martouf. In their reality, Martouf had joined the SGC to be closer to Carter, and they had worked together and even lived together for quite some time, but the long distance relationship had not lasted. Their Earth had been ravaged by the Prior plague which had infected hundreds of thousands, but when the inter-universal rift had been corrected, Martouf and his team were offered the cure to the Prior plague to bring back to their world.

Portrayed by: JR Bourne

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Ripple Effect, Blood of Sokar, Samantha Carter, Lieutenant Elliot, Garshaw, Hand Weapon, Jolinar, Lantash, Netu, P34-353J, Ren'al, Revanna, Rosha, Sokar, Stasis, Tok'ra, Zatarc

Episode Reference: The Tok'ra, Serpent's Song, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Divide and Conquer, Summit, Last Stand, Ripple Effect