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Councilwoman Ren'al, a Tok'ra emissary and leader, was also a gifted scientist. She acted as a liaison among the Tok'ra, bringing word of the destruction of Vorash and requesting assistance in the sabotage of the summit of System Lords at Hassara. She synthesized a modified version of the Reol chemical which alters the recognition of identity, and she developed a powerful poison which targets symbiotes. She had also conducted extensive zatarc research and had attempted to maintain Lantash in stasis after the death of Martouf. Ren'al was killed in the Goa'uld attack on the Tok'ra base on Revanna.

Portrayed by: Jennifer Calvert

Cross Reference: Lantash, Martouf, Reol Chemical, Revanna, Symbiote Poison, Tok'ra

Episode Reference: Enemies, Summit