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Lantash was the Tok'ra symbiote within the host body of Martouf. Although less patient with the Tauri than his host, Lantash was a friend and ally of Earth and he worked closely with the SGC as a liaison to the Tok'ra. When Martouf was programmed as a zatarc, he was shot multiple times to prevent him from carrying out an assassination. His body was kept in stasis for months, trying to find a way to repair the damage, but Lantash was too weak to heal his host, and Martouf died. Lantash remained in stasis until a new host could be found. When the Tok'ra base at Revanna came under attack, Lantash's stasis chamber was destroyed, and he entered the injured Lieutenant Elliot as a new host. However, Elliot's injuries were too severe for Lantash to heal, and neither was expected to survive. Surrounded by the advancing forces of Zipacna, Elliot/Lantash volunteered to sacrifice themselves by staying behind to release a poison that would target symbiotes, in order to destroy Zipacna and his army of Jaffa, and to allow SG-1 to escape.

Portrayed by: JR Bourne, Courtenay J. Stevens

Cross Reference: Lieutenant Elliot, Garshaw, Jolinar, Martouf, P34-353J, Ren'al, Revanna, Rosha, Stasis, Tok'ra, Zipacna

Episode Reference: The Tok'ra, Serpent's Song, Jolinar's Memories, The Devil You Know, Divide and Conquer, Summit, Last Stand