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Last Stand

05.16 Episode 104 (#4963)
Airdate: March 29, 2002

The forces of Zipacna continue to attack Revanna, searching for prisoners and the formula for the Tok'ra poison which targets symbiotes. SG-1 is trapped in the planet's underground tunnels with a gravely wounded Lieutenant Elliot. Lantash, previously the symbiote within Martouf, has taken Elliot as a host in an effort to heal him, which grants him the opportunity to find closure with Carter over the death of Martouf. Seeking a means of escape, SG-1 uses the Tok'ra crystals to grow new tunnels and make their way to the surface, hoping for a rescue from Jacob and Daniel.

Meanwhile, Daniel remains undercover at the summit of System Lords. Osiris has come representing Anubis, an ancient, evil, and powerful Goa'uld long believed to be dead, who has been exacting heavy losses among the System Lords as an unknown adversary. Anubis wishes to be restored to the status of System Lord, and in return, he vows to destroy Earth. A vote is taken, and the System Lords agree. Recognizing the potential threat of Anubis as a single power, Daniel abandons his mission to eliminate the other System Lords with the Tok'ra poison, and he prepares to make his escape.

Daniel plans to capture Osiris in an attempt to rescue the host, Sarah, however his plan goes awry and he barely escapes with his life as he rejoins Jacob. They return to Revanna, but their ship is detected and comes under attack, crashing to the surface. SG-1 is reunited, but surrounded, and there is no means of escape by ship or stargate. Lantash is unable to heal Elliot, and both are dying. They volunteer to stay behind, to make the sacrifice to release the Tok'ra poison, thus providing SG-1 and Jacob with a means of escape, as the Jaffa forces close in.

Written by: Robert C. Cooper
Directed by: Martin Wood

Guest Starring: Carmen Argenziano as Jacob Carter/Selmak, Anna-Louise Plowman as Osiris, Cliff Simon as Ba'al, Courtenay J. Stevens as Lieutenant Elliot, Jennifer Calvert as Councilwoman Ren'al, Gary Jones as Technician, William de Vry as Aldwin, Anthony Ulc as Major Mansfield, Vince Crestejo as Yu the Great, Kevin Durand as Zipacna, Kwesi Ameyaw as Olokun, Suleka Mathew as Kali, Paul Anthony as Slave, Andrew Kavadas as Zipacna's Jaffa, Simon Hayama as Jarren, Natasha Khadr as Bastet, Bonnie Kilroe as Morrigan

Reference: Alkesh, Ba'al, Bastet, Jacob Carter, Crystals, Lieutenant Elliot, Goa'uld, Hassara System, Kali, Lantash, Lo'taur, Martouf, Morrigan, Olokun, Osiris, Protected Planets Treaty, Reol Chemical, Revanna, Svarog, Symbiote Poison, System Lords, Teltac, Tok'ra, Tok'ra Communicator, Tok'ra Tunnels, Yu, Zipacna


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants

Hassara System

Destinations & Inhabitants

System Lords


  • Long ago Anubis had been banished by the System Lords, never to be allowed to return, because his crimes were unspeakable, even to the Goa'uld. The System Lords had tried to murder him, and believed him to be dead for at least a thousand years. He plans to destroy Earth before rejoining the ranks of the System Lords, thus working outside the restrictions of the Protected Planets Treaty. Yu was the only dissenting vote to his return to the status of System Lord.
  • Sacred ritual cannibalism continues every night as long as the summit continues.
  • Tok'ra tunnels are grown using specific crystals. The small square ones will create short straight openings, long rectangular ones create longer straight openings, and the diamond creates a tunnel to reach the surface.


  • You'd think a race advanced enough to fly around in spaceships would be smart enough to have seat belts. [Daniel]


  • Sweet: 1