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A lo'taur is the highest rank among the human slaves of the System Lords. Similar to a personal attendant, a lo'taur is a Goa'uld's most trusted servant, and is considered to be a position of great honor. The Goa'uld also consider it convenient to have a human available as a potential host should their own host be injured beyond repair. Daniel attended the summit of System Lords in the Hassara System by impersonating Yu's lo'taur, Jarren. Ba'al's female lo'taur, Shallan, betrayed him by assisting the Tok'ra operative Kanan, and once Kanan had taken O'Neill as a host, she was the reason he was compelled to return to Ba'al's fortress to rescue her.

Cross Reference: Ba'al, Goa'uld Language, Hassara System, Jarren, Kanan, Shallan, Yu

Episode Reference: Summit, Last Stand, Abyss