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Cronus was among the earliest Greek gods, one of twelve Titans who ascended to supreme domination. He was the god of fate, and became father to Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and Hades. As the most influential of the System Lords, he banished Sokar and sent the Ashrak to kill Jolinar. His Jaffa wear the symbol of ram's horns.

Teal'c's father, Ronac, had been the First Prime of Cronus when Teal'c was a child. However, when Ronac failed to win an impossible battle, Cronus murdered him in a slow and painful death in which his symbiote was crushed in such a way as to allow its blood to mix with his own. Teal'c and his mother were exiled to Chulak, and Teal'c and Cronus became bitter enemies.

With Nirrti and Yu, Cronus participated in the negotiations to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty. He was mortally injured by Nirrti in an act of betrayal designed to sabotage the negotiations, and was healed by Carter using the healing device, after which he reluctantly agreed to amend and accept the treaty.

Cronus conquered Juna after the defeat of Heru'ur, and he captured the synthetic duplicates of SG-1 there. As he tried to kill Teal'c in the same painful method he had once used on his father, Cronus was killed by Teal'c's synthetic duplicate, shot in the back by a staff weapon.

Portrayed by: Ron Halder

Cross Reference: Ashrak, Darian, Goa'uld, Hira, Jolinar, Juna, Nirrti, Protected Planets Treaty, Ronac, Sindar, Sokar, Synthetic Duplicates, System Lords, Teal'c, Yu

Episode Reference: Fair Game, Crossroads, Double Jeopardy