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Cha'ra had once been the First Prime of Moloc, for whom he wears the gold tattoo. Following the defeat of the Goa'uld at Dakara, Cha'ra became a leader among the free Jaffa and a strong friend and ally of Teal'c during the building of the new Jaffa Nation. When Gerak became a Prior of the Ori, Teal'c and Bra'tac approached Cha'ra for his support in taking a stand against Gerak's proposal to turn the Jaffa Nation to Origin, and although he believed their plan to confront Gerak to be madness, Cha'ra offered his support. Cha'ra was also in command of the ha'tak that discovered the location of the Ori supergate, and as the Ori launched their invasion of the galaxy, he and the motherships under his command joined the allied fleet in battle. As the Jaffa government was being reformed in a move toward democracy, Cha'ra encouraged Teal'c to accept the seat that the High Council was offering. He was present when Tea'c was targeted by a bounty hunter in the employ of Netan of the Lucian Alliance, and he helped to fight off and later capture the would-be assassin.

Portrayed by: Noah Danby

Cross Reference: Jaffa, Moloc

Episode Reference: The Fourth Horseman, Camelot, Bounty