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Wendy Mitchell

Wendy Mitchell is the mother of Cameron Mitchell. She and her husband, Frank, raised their son in the rural community of Auburn, Kansas where they still reside on a farm. When Cameron returned to his hometown for his 20th high school reunion, he was accompanied by Vala, and the two of them stayed at his parents' home. Although Wendy was given the mistaken impression that Cameron and Vala were a serious couple, and she was somewhat bewildered by their relationship, she gave them a warm, maternal welcome and delicious homemade pie. Wendy considered herself an open-minded child of the 60s with plenty of stories to tell, and she had no problem with Cameron and Vala sharing a bedroom under her roof, much to the delight of Vala and the discomfort of her son.

Portrayed by: Maureen Thomas

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Cameron Mitchell, Frank Mitchell

Episode Reference: Bounty