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Jennifer Hailey

Jennifer Hailey was a brilliant but rebellious cadet at the Air Force Academy when Carter took her under her wing and gave her a taste of her future. She participated in SG-1's mission to M4C-862 where she witnessed the glowing energy beings that threatened the base. Hailey insisted that their aggressive behavior was due to the effect of intense magnetic fields, a presumption which conflicted with Carter's theory that their behavior was retaliatory due to the capture of one of their own.

Lieutenant Hailey graduated from the Academy with areas of expertise in physics and computers. She participated with Elliot, Grogan, and Satterfield in the SGC training scenarios under O'Neill, and helped to set up the scenario to test Elliot.

Portrayed by: Elisabeth Rosen

Cross Reference: Lieutenant Elliot, Energy Beings, Lieutenant Grogan, Dr. Hamilton, General Kerrigan, Bill Lee, M4C-862, Professor Monroe, Lieutenant Satterfield, SG Teams, Bill Thompson

Episode Reference: Prodigy, Proving Ground