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Curse of Osiris

Egyptian artifacts discovered by the Stewart Expedition in a temple near Cairo in 1931 were marked with the inscription, "Woe to all who disturb this, my final resting place." Every member of the expedition died within a year, the ship carrying the artifacts sank off the coast of New Jersey six months later, and death continued to plague the recovery of the artifacts years later. All the mysterious circumstances were attributed to the "Curse of Osiris."

The artifacts from the expedition, on loan from the Egyptian government to a museum in Chicago, included a gold amulet of Osiris carbon dated at 10,000 years old, and two canopic jars made of ceramic and designed as stasis chambers. The jars contained the preserved symbiotes of Isis and Osiris and bore the inscription "Hakorr kra terak shree" meaning "Banished to oblivion." In a suspicious lab accident, Dr. David Jordan, Daniel's former archaeology professor and mentor, was killed, and the symbiote of Osiris escaped and took a new host in Sarah Gardner, thus apparently continuing the legend of the curse.

Cross Reference: Egypt, Sarah Gardner, Isis, David Jordan, Osiris, Steven Rayner

Episode Reference: The Curse