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Sarah Gardner

Dr. Sarah Gardner, an archaeologist, had completed her doctoral thesis at Cambridge and had worked in Chicago where she became a protégé and associate of Dr. David Jordan. There she also met Daniel Jackson, and as colleagues they had also shared a relationship. Despite their mutual attraction, Daniel's obsession with his research consumed his attention, and Sarah finally broke off their relationship when he worked through the night on their anniversary.

Years later, Daniel and Sarah were reunited in Chicago after research on the Isis and Osiris jars from the Stewart Expedition led to a suspicious lab accident which took the life of Dr. Jordan. However, the same accident also released the symbiote of Osiris, which had been in stasis for thousands of years, and Sarah was taken by Osiris as a host. For three years, Sarah remained the unwilling host of the Goa'uld Osiris until Osiris returned to Earth in an attempt to draw the knowledge of the Ancients from Daniel's subconscious mind. SG-1 set a trap to capture Osiris, and the symbiote was successfully removed from the host. Sarah recovered, and although she has retained vague memories of her time as a host, she is now free of the Goa'uld.

Portrayed by: Anna-Louise Plowman

Cross Reference: Curse of Osiris, Isis, Daniel Jackson, David Jordan, Osiris, Steven Rayner

Episode Reference: The Curse, Chimera