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Steven Rayner

Steven Rayner was a protégé and associate of Dr. David Jordan, and a colleague of Sarah Gardner and Daniel Jackson during their academic days together in Chicago. He continued as Dr. Jordan's assistant, but resented Daniel, in whose shadow he remained. After Dr. Jordan's death under mysterious circumstances, the missing Osiris jar that he had been examining and the missing symbiote which it had contained led to suspicion that Rayner had been drawn into the Curse of Osiris and taken as a host, however, it was, in fact, Sarah Gardner who had been taken as Osiris's new host. Determined to find his fame by making a significant archaeological discovery, Rayner fled to Egypt in search of hidden artifacts. There he encountered Osiris, who attacked him before making her escape from Earth. Although seriously injured, Dr. Rayner survived the attack.

Portrayed by: Ben Bass

Cross Reference: Curse of Osiris, Sarah Gardner, Isis, Daniel Jackson, David Jordan, Osiris

Episode Reference: The Curse