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Seth, also known as Setekh, Set, Seti, and Setesh, is the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, the embodiment of hostility and outright evil. He had tried to overthrow Ra, had placed his brother Osiris in a magic box, and both the System Lords and Tok'ra wanted him dead. His record on Earth ended when the stargate was buried in Egypt, and since then he had been hiding out on Earth as the leader of various religious cults dating back to 1000 BC. Set and his minions were supposedly killed in Egypt, but a similar god called Typhon appeared in Greece, then killed 300 of his followers and disappeared. In the early 1800's a new cult arose near Stonehenge under a leader named Seth who led his followers to suicide.

As "Seth Fargough," Seth led a cult of about 50 people in a fortified compound outside Seattle, using nish'ta to brainwash his followers. Within his cult, he traditionally used women as a harem, and men as warriors, guards, or eunuchs. He was under investigation by the AFT for amassing illegal weapons, and SG-1 led the mission to apprehend him and free his followers, including Tommy Levinson. In the ensuing confrontation at the compound, Seth was killed by Carter using a ribbon device.

Setesh was represented by an animal that was either fictitious or extinct. For this reason, the helmets of the Setesh Guard continue to be the source of many jokes among the Jaffa.

Portrayed by: Robert Duncan

Cross Reference: Goa'uld, James Hamner, Jason Levinson, Tommy Levinson, Nish'ta, Osiris, Setesh Guard, System Lords

Episode Reference: Seth