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Healing Device

The Goa'uld healing device uses thought control in order to channel healing energy to repair illness and injuries. Like several other Goa'uld hand devices, the healing device requires the presence of naquadah in the blood of the user to activate it, therefore those who are, or have been, hosts to a symbiote have the ability to operate the technology. Designed to slip over the palm, the healing device has a large reddish crystal which emits a yellowish glow when activated.

The SGC obtained a healing device from Kendra of Cimmeria after her death, and Carter has used it with limited success. Carter was able to heal Cronus of his injuries after he was attacked during the negotiations for the Protected Planets Treaty. Nirrti used two related devices to cure the retrovirus in Cassandra, and Jacob used the device to attempt to heal Daniel after his exposure to lethal radiation. As a former host, Vala also has the ability to use the healing device, and she used it to cure inhabitants of P8X-412 as they fell ill from the Prior plague, and to heal members of SG-25 after they were injured by the monstrous creature mutated by inter-dimensional parasites.

A related device, also thought-controlled and requiring the presence of naquadah in the blood, but much smaller in design, was used by Vala to heal the wound she had inflicted on Daniel with the wrist weapon of the Kull Warrior aboard Prometheus. Her device was also powered by a small red crystal and emitted a yellowish healing glow which instantly stopped the pain.

Cross Reference: Hand Weapon, Harakash, Kendra, Ribbon Device, Shock Grenade, Staff Weapon, Tac, Torture Device, Zat'nik'tel

Episode Reference: Thor's Hammer, Thor's Chariot, Fair Game, Rite of Passage, Meridian, Prometheus Unbound, The Powers That Be