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Walter Harriman

Usually referred to as "Technician," Chief Master Sergeant Norman Walter Davis Harriman is one of several specially trained SGC personnel responsible for controlling the stargate computers. His responsibilities usually involve managing communications, iris control, and gate dialing sequences in the control room. However, he has proven himself indispensable in a number of areas, having traveled off-world during the mission to Vis Uban, and having demonstrated remarkable abilities in manning the communications, navigation, sensors, shields, and weapons of the Prometheus during the battle over Antarctica and during the expedition to Atlantis, as well as an impressive ability to fly an alkesh and engage in an aerial firefight during the attempt to recover the stolen Prometheus. In addition, he has served as an administrative assistant to General Hammond, General O'Neill, and General Landry.

An indispensable member of the Stargate Program since its inception, Sergeant Harriman was promoted to Chief Master Sergeant after eight years of service at the SGC. Usually addressed as "Sergeant" by General Hammond, as "Walter" by General O'Neill, and as "Walter" or "Chief" by General Landry, his full name has been gradually revealed and occasionally varied during his service at the SGC.

Portrayed by: Gary Jones

Cross Reference: Sergeant O'Brien, SGC, Graham Simmons, Technicians, Vern

First Introduced: Children of the Gods

First Named: A Hundred Days [Davis], 2010 [Walter], Enemies [Norman], Avatar [Harriman], Avalon [Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman]