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Although they are rarely named, frequently uncredited, and often inconspicuous and barely noticeable in the background behind the officers, the specially trained gate technicians are vital to the smooth operation of the Stargate Program. Gate technicians are responsible for managing communications, initiating dialing sequences, and controlling the iris, and they can usually be seen in the control room taking readings, running simulations, or working at the computers.

Cross Reference: Walter Harriman, Sergeant O'Brien, SGC, Graham Simmons, Vern

Portrayed by: Damian Kindler*
*Cameo by Damian Kindler: Writer
Episode Reference: Memento

Portrayed by: Peter DeLuise*
*Cameo by Peter DeLuise: Director, Writer, Producer
Episode Reference: 2001, Memento, Revisions

Portrayed by: Laara Sadiq
Episode Reference: There But For the Grace of God, The Serpent's Lair, In the Line of Duty, Prisoners, The Gamekeeper, Thor's Chariot, Family, Bane, The Tok'ra, Spirits, Fair Game, Learning Curve, Upgrades

Portrayed by: Daniel Bacon
Episode Reference: One False Step, Show and Tell, 1969, Jolinar's Memories, Crystal Skull, Window of Opportunity, The Serpent's Venom, Double Jeopardy