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One False Step

02.19 Episode 41 (#8919)
Airdate: February 19, 1999

An SGC probe crashes into a large plant on PJ2-445. When SG-1 goes to retrieve it, they meet the planet's inhabitants, gentle, curious, and simple beings, human in form, and silent except for an entrancing song. Shortly after the team's arrival, however, the aliens begin falling ill, and soon a global plague is threatened. Even SG-1 begins to feel ill, but the cause remains a mystery until a video recording reveals the presence of inaudible sound waves. These sounds, produced by the plant life, are necessary for the aliens' survival, and SG-1 must restore the symbiotic balance they unwittingly upset.

Written by: Michael Kaplan and John Sanborn
Directed by: William Corcoran

Guest Starring: Colin Heath as Alien "Steve", Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser, Daniel Bacon as Technician, David Cameron as Elder, Richard DeKlerk as Joe, Shaun Phillips as Jim

Reference: PJ2-445, PJ2-445 Humanoids, PJ2-445 Plants, Technicians, UAV


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants

PJ2-445 Humanoids

Destinations & Inhabitants

PJ2-445 Plants


  • Long term exposure to certain sounds can cause serious physical side effects including headaches, nausea, and severe irritability.
  • The plants naturally emit an inaudible sound that the aliens need to live. The injured plant emitted a low-pitched sound that prevented the aliens from getting the sound they need, and had negative effects on SG-1.
  • The humaniod aliens have a symbiotic relationship with the plant-like organisms of the planet. They communicate with them through a unique trilling song.


  • Deja vu. [Daniel]
    I am unfamiliar with that term. [Teal'c]
    It means, I feel like I've been here before. [Daniel]
    That is correct, Daniel Jackson. Yesterday, when we first arrived on this planet. [Teal'c]
    Right. What was I thinking? [Daniel]
  • I thought it looked bald, white and naked. [O'Neill]
  • Are they friendly spirits? [O'Neill]
  • It could be their national pastime, for all we know. Maybe they've got low blood sugar... [O'Neill]
  • I'm going to stick around and work on this quarantine thing with Plant Boy, here. [O'Neill]
  • Fine, knock yourself out. Go ahead, go play in the street. Don't forget your sunblock. [O'Neill]
  • On a good day, you can be a little flaky. [O'Neill]
    And on a good day, you can be a little ignorant and condescending. [Daniel]
    Not condescending. [O'Neill]
  • How about mythology? [Daniel]
    Rumors, lies, fairy tales. [O'Neill]
    See?! See, see see see see?!? [Daniel]
  • Could you keep an eye on this plant thing for me? [Daniel]
    I will keep both of my eyes on it, Daniel Jackson. [Teal'c]
  • I talk to my plants, okay? [Carter]


  • Oy: 1
  • Teal'c saved by his symbiote: delayed the effects of the sound
  • Injuries:
    • Carter: knife slash to right hand
    • O'Neill, Carter, Daniel, Teal'c: negative effects from sound waves
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Rocky and Bulwinkle
      • Are they friendly spirits?
    • The Twilight Zone
      • Witness if you will... squat.