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PJ2-445 Humanoids

The life forms of PJ2-445 share a truly symbiotic relationship. The silent, gentle, and innocent beings are humanoid in appearance, with some elements in the blood in common with the humans of Earth, but with a very different anatomical structure including a heart in the lower abdomen and an unidentifiable organ that is sensitive to sound. They require the presence of an inaudible sound produced by the native plants in order to survive, and they, in turn, use a unique trilling song to communicate with the plants. When the pitch of the sound produced by the plants was altered, many of the aliens became ill and died, with over 100 victims among the nearby villages, before the sound pitch was restored.

Portrayed by: Colin Heath, David Cameron, Richard DeKlerk, Shaun Phillips

Cross Reference: PJ2-445, PJ2-445 Plants

Episode Reference: One False Step