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Airman Mansfield

In an alternate timeline created when SG-1 journeyed to ancient Egypt and changed history, Airman Mansfield was part of the 7-man team, including O'Neill, Kawalsky, Carter, Daniel, Bosworth, and Donner, that was selected for the first mission through the stargate to Chulak. Mansfield and Donner were ordered to guard the spacecraft as the rest of the team approached the city. However, the team was captured by Apophis's Jaffa, and in an ambush and firefight during their escape, Mansfield, Donner, Bosworth, and Kawalsky were killed.

Portrayed by: Rob Fournier*
*Cameo by Rob Fournier: Armourer

Cross Reference: Bosworth, Charles Kawalsky, SG Teams, Time Travel 3000 BC

Episode Reference: Moebius