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Alexander Britski

Alexander Britski was a well known Russian archaeologist and expert on ancient Mesopotamia. Two years before the Russian stargate program was established, he had conducted an excavation in Rafha in southern Iraq and had discovered stone tablets engraved with a set of gate coordinates for P2X-338 and with Babylonian cuneiform referring to the Eye of Tiamat. Although he did not recognize the significance of his discovery at first, his work was eventually classified, and in the final days of the short-lived Russian stargate program, Britski joined Valentine Kirensky and two other officers for a secret and unofficial mission through the gate to P2X-338 in search of the Eye of Tiamat. All four men lost their lives in the ziggurat on the planet, and Britski's journal, later found near his body by SG-1, explained the circumstances. The team had released the alien creature from Marduk's sarcophagus, and it had killed Kirensky. The two other officers were killed in the collapse of a passageway, and Britski finally took his own life with a cyanide tablet.

Portrayed by: Doug McLean*
*Cameo by Doug McLean: Art Director

Cross Reference: Eye of Tiamat, Valentine Kirensky, Marduk, P2X-338, Russians, Russian Officers, Russian Stargate

Episode Reference: The Tomb