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Russian Officers

Six days before the short-lived Russian stargate program was shut down, Major Valentine Kirensky led a four-man team, including archaeologist Alexander Britski and two other officers, on a classified and unofficial mission through the Russian stargate to P2X-338 in search of the artifact known as the Eye of Tiamat. The team became trapped in Marduk's ziggurat on the planet and all four men perished during the mission. Kirensky was killed by an alien creature that was released from Marduk's sarcophagus, Britski used cyanide to take his own life, and the two other officers were killed when a passageway in the ziggurat collapsed.

Portrayed by: Wray Douglas, Peter DeLuise*
*Cameo by Wray Douglas: Special Effects Supervisor, and Peter DeLuise: Director, Writer, Producer

Cross Reference: Alexander Britski, Eye of Tiamat, Valentine Kirensky, Marduk, P2X-338, Russians, Russian Stargate

Episode Reference: The Tomb