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Celestis, the City of the Gods in the Ori galaxy, is the seat of power of the Ori and their Priors. The glistening golden towers and spires of the city are situated on the Plains of Celestis, barren plains shimmering with water. One may approach the city via a set of transportation rings on the plains outside the city. Within the palace of the city is a wall of fire known as the Flames of Enlightenment, the manifestation of the Ori themselves, and there the Ori speak through the Doci, the leader of the Priors. Celestis is the central authority for the religion of Origin. Here, human monks are in training to become Priors of the Ori, and from here originate the orders to eradicate all unbelievers. Every now and then, when artifacts that pre-date the Ori ascension are found, they are deemed heretical and brought to Celestis to be burned in the fires.

Cross Reference: Doci, Flames of Enlightenment, Ori, Origin, Prior

Episode Reference: Origin, The Fourth Horseman