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Flames of Enlightenment

In the palace at Celestis, the holy City of the Gods in the Ori galaxy, is a wall of fire. Referred to as the Flames of Enlightenment or the Fires of Celestis, the flames are the embodiment of the Ori in ascended form. From the wall, the glowing energy of the Ori can enter the Doci, and his eyes glow and his voice deepens as the Ori speak through him. The power of the Ori can also transform a human into a Prior, and it was to the Flames of Enlightenment that both the Administrator of Ver Ager and the Jaffa leader Gerak were brought. As the flames entered them, they took on the appearance and the calling of a Prior of the Ori.

Cross Reference: Administrator, Celestis, Doci, Gerak, Ori, Origin, Prior

Episode Reference: Origin, The Fourth Horseman