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The Administrator was the key political and religious leader of Ver Ager in the Ori galaxy. In service to the Ori and the Priors, he led the villagers in prayer during prostration, and he was responsible for the punishment of those who strayed from the path. When Vala, in the body of Sallis, visited with the Administrator's wife during a ceremony to share leaves, she was determined to be overcome, was accused of heresy, and the Administrator oversaw the ceremony to burn her at the Ara. Later, he also presided over the trial by fire of both Daniel and Vala, which resulted in the deaths of Harrid and Sallis Cicera. For his loyalty and service he was brought to the city of Celestis where, before the Flames of Enlightenment, he received the power of the Ori and was transformed into a Prior. As a Prior he visited many worlds including P8X-412, to which he brought the Prior plague, Dakara, where he was responsible for the conversion of Gerak, and P9C-882, which was spared his order of complete annihilation when the village was taken out of phase.

Portrayed by: Greg Anderson

Cross Reference: Ara, Harrid Cicera, Sallis Cicera, Flames of Enlightenment, Prior, Prostration, Ver Ager

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin