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Harrid Cicera

Harrid Cicera was a curator, an investigator of the past, living with his wife, Sallis, in the village of Ver Ager in the Ori galaxy. He and Fannis had discovered artifacts in what they believed to be the remains of an ancestral burial ground. Such artifacts suggested evidence that a race of humans predated their supposed creation by the Ori, but because such beliefs were considered to be sacrilegious, Harrid and Fannis met in secret as members of the anti-Ori underground, a movement that hoped to convince even the most devout followers that the Ori were not gods.

Among the artifacts they discovered were a pair of Ancient communication stones and a base terminal. Harrid had always suspected that the devices were a means of communication, and it was probably because he was in possession of the stones that Daniel and Vala entered the bodies of Harrid and Sallis when they tried to make an intergalactic connection from the SGC. As Daniel interacted with the inhabitants of the Ori galaxy through Harrid's body, Harrid's own personality remained suppressed. However, when Daniel met secretly with Fannis in an attempt to establish a reverse connection back to Earth, they were apprehended by the Prior and accused of heresy. Daniel and Vala were sentenced to be burned to death at the Ara, but when the SGC succeeded in severing the link with the communication terminal, Daniel's and Vala's consciousnesses returned to their own bodies. Harrid and Sallis were restored, and they perished in the fire.

Portrayed by: Stephen Park

Cross Reference: Administrator, Ancient Communication Stone, Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Ori Underground, Ara, Sallis Cicera, Fannis, Daniel Jackson, Ver Ager

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin