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Sallis Cicera

Sallis Cicera was the wife of Harrid, a curator in the village of Ver Ager in the Ori galaxy and a member of the anti-Ori underground. When Daniel and Vala activated the Ancient communication terminal at the SGC, they were psychically linked with Harrid and Sallis, probably because Harrid and Sallis were also in possession of a pair of communication stones. As Vala interacted with the inhabitants of the Ori galaxy through Sallis's body, Sallis's own personality remained suppressed.

Sallis had been a friend of the Administrator's wife, however when Vala paid a visit in her place to share leaves, her behavior aroused suspicion, she was accused of heresy, and she was sentenced to death at the Ara. Vala, in Sallis, was burned alive, and both died as the flames consumed Sallis's body. However, when the Prior miraculously restored Sallis's body to life, Vala too was restored at the SGC.

Later, Daniel, Vala, and Fannis met secretly in an attempt to establish a reverse connection back to Earth, but they were apprehended by the Prior and accused of heresy. Daniel and Vala were sentenced to be burned at the Ara, but when the SGC succeeded in severing the link with the communication terminal, Daniel's and Vala's consciousnesses returned to their own bodies. Harrid and Sallis were restored, and they perished in the fire.

Portrayed by: April Amber Telek

Cross Reference: Administrator, Ancient Communication Stone, Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Ori Underground, Ara, Harrid Cicera, Fannis, Vala Mal Doran, Ver Ager

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin